About Us
We love all sorts of games and wanted to share of love of gaming with the community around us. 

Upon seeing other Virtual Reality booths popping up across the nation, we got this crazy idea that we could do it too.  We currently have one location and are looking to expand as time goes by.

We have experience in the arcade industry and have found that, in the era of console gaming, an arcade needs to have options that would be impractical for the home. Virtual Reality systems require dedicated space within your home, as well as a massively powerful gaming computer. We wanted people to have the opportunity to enjoy Virtual Reality without the hefty personal expense. 

VR is a rapidly expanding industry.  New games and hardware are coming out every day.  We are going to stay out in front of these changes and keep bringing you the best VR has to offer.

We currently have two booths featuring the HTC Vive.  Keep an eye on this space for more to come!

Come play our systems and share in our passion!