1. horror, zombies, 13+ , realistic
  2. shooter, drones, waves
  3. kid friendly, First-time player, Funny, great mechanics
  4. Destinations
  5. Job Simulator
  6. Portal Stories: VR
  7. Island 359
Island 359
Dinosaur Hunting
Enter into the prehistoric jungle to hunt dinosaurs of all sizes. You are a Mercenary on the hunt for the biggest rewards - but you have to make it back to the chopper in still alive to claim it. Your prey also hunts you.
The Lab
Explore the Vive Features
Multiple mini-games to help you get acquainted with the capabilities of Virtual Reality. Great beginners game! Explore and interact with a virtual world!​
Portal Stories: VR
Solve Puzzles
Solve puzzles in the Portal universe using a teleportation gun and a grapple device. Can you survive all the test chambers?
Space Pirate Trainer
Shoot Drones
You are a pirate, and the police drones aren't letting you escape in your ship. Blast through waves of drones to clear the air - but be careful - Three hits and you are taken into custody.

Discover your pirate style: do you block with a shield in one hand, or wield two laser-guns? One laser and one multi-shot? You get to decide mid game! If one style isn't working for you, switch it up!

Job Simulator
Job More!
It is the year 2050 and all jobs are now done by robots.  The humans are not obsolete, they are treated very well.  We know this because the robots tell us so.

Are you curious what jobs used to be like when humans did them?  Well, this is the game for you.  Experience what it was like to change headlight fluid or run the supersizing machine.

Get ready to job.

An Exploratory Experience
Maybe being shot at isn't your idea of a good time.  In destinations you can take your time and simply explore Europe or a room from an ants eye view.

Want to explore mars without any robots or aliens getting in your way?  Now is your chance! 

Okay, there's one robot, but it's the one we put there.

It has a laser, but we promise it won't use it.
The Brookhaven Experiment
13+ recommended

Fight zombies coming at you from 360 degrees! Use your ammo and flashlight to eradicate the horrifying creatures. Limited ammo and batteries! Can you survive?